The Cyber Talent Institute (CTI) is an independent cooperative research and action organization dedicated to eliminating America’s critical shortage of cybersecurity talent within seven years.
If you have any questions, please send an email to info@cybertalentinstitute.org

The Institute is a nonprofit organization working to:

  • Provide a knowledge base that includes current thought leadership, educational content, and curated learning to support employers seeking world-class cyber talent.
  • Provide employers and management with new tools to optimize recruiting, hiring, development, and retention of cyber talent.
  • Provide employers with tens of thousands of technically skilled and capable high school and college graduates fully prepared to make a substantive contribution to improving security at their eventual place of employment.
  • Ensure those talented employees represent the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of our nation's population.
  • Enable employers to recruit the most technically qualified cybersecurity candidates, build supportive work environments for cybersecurity professionals, continuously assess and upskill technical employees in mission-critical cybersecurity positions, and retain top cyber talent.
  • Enable and encourage employers to upgrade the technical skills of employees currently holding cybersecurity positions.


Alan Paller

Alan Paller | President

Alan Paller founded SANS, a professional cybersecurity training school that trains more than 45,000 cybersecurity technologists each year. He also founded and was president of SANS Technology Institute, the nation's first regionally accredited specialized cybersecurity college and graduate school. For more than a decade, Alan chaired the annual RSA keynote panel on the "Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Vectors.” He testified before the US Senate and House of Representatives and was an initial member of President Clinton's National Infrastructure Assurance Council. He was chosen by President Bush's OMB as the 2005 Azimuth Award winner, recognizing a single, non-government person’s contribution to improving federal information technology. In 2010, the Washington Post named him one of seven people "worth knowing in cyber security." Alan co-chaired the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Committee's 2012 Task Force on Cyber Skills and was a member of the NASA Advisory Council.

Alan is a Board Member of the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation that sponsors millions in college scholarships for talented high school and college students pursuing careers in cybersecurity.
Michele D. Guel

Michele D. Guel | Board Member

Michele Guel joined Cisco in 1996 as the founding member of Cisco’s internal security team after creating and building the cybersecurity program at NASA Ames Research Center. She became one of Cisco’s first female Distinguished Engineers and founded the Cisco Women in Cybersecurity Community, which focuses on developing the next generation of women cybersecurity leaders. Her role today is focused on shaping the future of cybersecurity and helping to architect Cisco’s contribution in building that future.

Michele has been an avid participant, speaker, teacher, influencer and evangelist in the cybersecurity industry for nearly 30 years. In 2015, Michelle was awarded the Anita Borg Institute ABIE Award for Leadership which recognizes a single technical woman in America who made a significant contribution to the technology industry and inspired others with her work.
Essye Miller

Essye Miller | Board Member

Essye recently retired as the Principal Deputy, Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO) where she was the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Information Management / Information Technology (IT) and Information Assurance, as well as non-intelligence space systems; critical satellite communications, navigation, and timing programs; spectrum; and telecommunications. She was responsible for ensuring that the DoD CIO has a well-defined and executed cybersecurity program, and coordinating cybersecurity standards, policies, and procedures with other federal agencies, coalition partners, and industry. Prior to joining the DoD CIO, Ms. Miller was the Director of Cybersecurity for the Army CIO and served as the Army's Senior Information Assurance Officer, responsible for the development, implementation, execution, and oversight of the Army's Cybersecurity Program. Ms. Miller was awarded the Presidential Rank Award as for exceptional service over an extended period of time.

Ms. Miller is actively engaged developing programs that encourage students of color, especially from historically Black Colleges and Universities, to discover their talent and develop careers in information technology and cybersecurity.
David Brown

David Brown | Board Member

David is the executive director of the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation. He has extensive senior management experience in building national-scale, successful, not-for-profit programs. He was the CEO who built the FIRST Robotics program into a national treasure, growing it from 200 schools to 6,500 schools. During his tenure, FIRST evolved from an early start-up to an established enterprise serving 60,000 students and 15,000 adult volunteers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Prior to FIRST, David was a Vice President at Fidelity Investments responsible for non-profit retirement and asset management services. From 1974 to 1996, David held senior management positions in medical research (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), higher education (Cornell University and Virginia Commonwealth University) and cultural institutions (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation).